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Welcome to Lorraina’s Art page! All of the artwork here is by Christy Lorraine Hall. Nearly all of this artwork you will find to be whimsical and dreamy. These pieces use a number of mediums, from graphite to charcoal; from acrylics to oils; pen and ink; and even mixed-media. Thank you for visiting! Please see the sidebar menu for other sites such as Lorraina’s official website, and the central hub for all websites created and owned by Christy Hall, Christy’s Creative Corner

Enjoy the artwork, and thank you for visiting!

New Book Covers Available

Book covers by Lorraina Hall at Night Sky Book Services: $200 per cover, 20% off for first 20 customers. Samples shown below contain fictional names and titles to show examples of what books might look like with text. Your name and title will be added for you at no additional cost. The fox logo will not be on any final products. These covers are unpublished anywhere as of yet – brand spanking new.

The Magic of Avalon Eyrelin Book Cover Art

Book cover art for Mina Marial Nicoli’s book, The Magic of Avalon Eyrelin, cover artwork created by Lorraina Hall.

Book Cover Art for Mina Marial Nicoli’s book, The Magic of Avalon Eyrelin, book cover artwork by Lorraina Hall (photo credit for parts of this cover: YuriyZhuravov/Shutterstock.com)

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Fan Art

Princess Leia Fan Art by Lorraina Hall